Serbian Celebrity Ksenija Pajcin and Boyfriend Found Dead

16 March 2010 Popular singer Ksenija Pajcin, 32, and her boyfriend, Filip Kapisoda, 22, a Montenegrin model, were found dead on Tuesday afternoon in a Belgrade apartment.

Serbian police official Milorad Veljovic told national television RTS that the bodies were found around 7 pm at 12 Niksicka Street.

"According to what can be assumed for now, it was probably a murder-suicide, but the final word will be given after the autopsy," Veljovic said.

He also said that neighbors had heard two shots around 4:30 pm from the apartment where the couple lived, adding that more details would be available after the police investigation is completed.

According to RTS, the bodies were found by Pajcin's mother.

According to unofficial information, the police had come to the apartment on another occasion because Kapisoda allegedly broke the apartment door in a row.

A number of people, including some Serbian celebrities, gathered in front of the building in which the couple lived, following news of their deaths.

Ksenija Pajcin was born in Belgrade on December 3, 1977. She began her career as a dancer in the Serbian band Beat Street.

She later drew attention as a singer in the band Duck, which achieved popularity among younger audience during the 90s with its hit single "Daco, volim te" (Daco, I Love You).

However, she never quit her first love - dance - and thus became the owner of a dance school in Belgrade where she held classes.

Pajcin later launched her solo career, which was not as successful as her early work.

Her popularity didn't decline, though, as she filled newspapers columns with her stormy relationship with Zvezdan Slavnic, the son of famous baskeball player Zoran Moka Slavnic and who was arrested in 2008 on suspicion that he was one of the main organisers of heroin and cocaine smuggling from Belgrade to other markets in Serbia.

Social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, are rife with speculation on the circumstances of the deaths of Pajcin and Kapisoda. Many fans have left notes and messages.

Suzana Dojcinovic from the police press service told weekly Vreme that investigation is still ongoing and that all the evidence has yet to be gathered by the Institute for Forensic Medicine.

Filip Kapisoda abandoned a brief handball career to become a model.

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